Wooden kitchens

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The Deep, Rich Beauty of a Wooden Kitchens

You spend literally years of your life in the kitchen. Create one that makes you feel good. For many people, that’s a wooden kitchen, warm, welcoming and reflective.

Why Wooden Kitchens?

Modern appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators and stoves often come in stainless steel. Countertops might be hard granite, stone or even metal, and floors often tile.

All that hardness and sterility needs something to counteract it, especially in a room that is made for family and friends. That’s where wood comes in.

Wood is inviting. The use of wood adds generous dashes of warmth to a modern kitchen, with its look of a surgical operating theatre. Its textures, grain, even its inherent flaws add a human touch to setting that can easily take on the look of an industrial food prep area.

Wood is versatile. It’s look can be changed with a different finish or design details like hardware.
Wood is practical. It is durable. With proper care, it lasts a lifetime. Cleaning is simple, using natural products you already have around the house.

Where Wood Can Be Used in the Kitchen

Wood is a natural for cabinets, probably the most visible element in your kitchen. The doors become major parts of the design since they can be finished using different shades and stains. The range is so extensive that the result is the look of a customized kitchen.

The doors can match a range of styles, from farmyard rustic to French Provincial, and everything in between. Doors can have insets of metal or glass. The hardware like knobs and hinges can add contrast, enhancing the overall feel.

Islands and countertops are often made of wood. The surface is functional for food preparation and very durable. People use them for eating, and wood adds a friendly spot for food and conversation.

Tables and chairs can be made of wood to coordinate with the overall design of your kitchen. They complete the functionality of this hub of the home. Many meals get eaten in the kitchen.

And in addition, sitting at the table for a relaxing cup of tea is an excellent way to catch your breath during a busy day. Children can do their studies at the table so you can answer questions and make sure they finish. It’s the perfect spot to visit with family and friends when they drop by. Of course, it is made for family meals seven days a week.

Floors made of wood are durable. They add a note of coziness, are easy on the legs and feet during food preparation and are easy to keep clean. Floors made of wood can be finished in a shade that contrasts and enhances the overall look of the cabinets and countertops.

Types of Wood in Wooden Kitchens

The three most popular types of wood in UK kitchens are oak, pine and alder.
Oak has a rich texture with a very distinctive grain pattern. This species of wood is very durable and strong. It comes in several colors, from pale gold to brown with red highlights. It takes stain well.

Pine has long been a popular choice for its look and its affordability. If you want a rustic look, pine is an excellent selection. The knots that often appear in the wood are part of its charm. Pine is easy to stain, so its light color is just a starting point for your décor ideas. You can dress up pine cabinets with an array of hardware to give it a very personalized look and feel.

Alder is another affordable choice for kitchen work. It looks much like cherry and has a fine wood grain. It is a very versatile wood that accepts staining well. It is possible to change the look to make it imitate other hardwoods.

We Are Here to Help You With Wooden Kitchens

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